The Land of Fendren

The horrors of the The Fall are told as stories from fathers to their sons. The utter destruction and vivid dreams still plague the minds of those living in its ruins. War is a fear in every heart. War is imminent.

In the wake of The Fall, two great powers rose in opposition of one another. The Citadel of Brennen and the Drazial Stronghold have been at war since both were founded in the early years of The Renewal. They rest on opposite sides of the Changing Lands, peering at one another through the Dancing Peaks. Each city is in the process of rebuilding their respective structures from the ruins of the former Fendren Empire. Each is working to become more powerful then the other, building defenses while expanding territory. Neither has numbers that they can waste and all are needed to fight for their city.

There has been no open warfare between these two cities since their inception. Each fears the destruction an all out war would produce. There are great powers located throughout the land. The city that possesses these will have the advantage if a war were to finally develop.

Resources are limited and dire in this land of unending pain and destruction. You have found one of the few points of light among the world of darkness and dread. To some that is worth fighting for.

Heroes are needed in the dawn of this new age. Are you among them?


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