1st - 3rd sessions

The following are my recollections of the last couple of gaming sessions. Names have been changed not to protect the innocent (is there such a thing?) but because I don’t remember the exact names and my notes are somewhere else entirely. That being said, corrections are encouraged by those with better memories/notes.

First Session

The Party (consisting of Bordan the mage, Kris the cleric, Rogan S__ the fighter, and Jarkarr McCormick, ranger extraordinaire), having come together and done various minor tasks for the Stormtongue Clan, were sent on a mission by High Lord _ (I want to say Rothgar, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong) to investigate the disappearance of numerous convoys in and around the old Manor, located some three days journey from the Citadel. We were tasked with discovering the source of the attacks and ending it, permanently.

With such orders, the Party set forth and, a bare three days later, arrived at _ Manor. Upon some rudimentary investigation about the ruins, numerous Kobold tracks were found leading to and from the Manor’s (henceforth, Kobold Hall) basement. With such evidence, the Party descended into the basement to continue the investigation.

We immediately came upon several Kobolds, and battle was joined. When the enemy was defeated, the Party decided to continue investigating.

Second Session

The Party continued deeper into the Hall, discovering more Kobolds and a crude alter; apparently paying homage to a very crude drawing of something vaguely dragonish.

Battle was once again joined but the enemy was quickly overcome. Unfortunately, the clever buggers had laid a number of traps for our heroes, who set about blundering into several of them once the fighting was over.

Clearing the trapped room, our heroes descended into another hall, discovering what appeared to be a pair of Kobolds playing a game of chance with skulls and a rock-on-a-rope. During the ensuing battle, Jakarr managed to shoot Rogan, dealing enough damage to knock that worthy to the brink of death (and again, sorry ‘bout that).

Third Session

After clearing the room with the rock-on-a-rope, the Party delved deeper into the basement, finding another room with a large boulder and Kobolds. There was also a drow prisoner and a Kobold wizard/mage/sorcerer named Sven. We rescued the drow, who told us his name was _. Once reunited with his gear and had left our immediate presence, Jakarr noticed that his brooch looked oddly familiar. In fact, it looked like a damaged but still recognizable insignia of the group of brigands that had robbed him. Upon commenting on this oddity, Rogan attempted to follow the drow, but ran into an odd, black cloud that prevented forward movement at all in the hallway our heroes had so recently traveled down.

The quarry lost, Rogan rejoined the Party and they continued searching for evidence. Upon looting the body of Sven, the party found evidence that he was in charge of organizing the attacks and took evidence to prove thus. Other things of interest included a magiced orb for Boredan, a key that unlocked a hidden door, and the name of the Kobold clan (klan?) Sven was leading (the Skullkickers, as it turns out).

The Party took a brief moment to recollect itself before venturing behind the hidden door. On the other side was an ice covered cavern; home to Zarthorax, ice dragon and the model for the Kobold’s crude drawing from earlier. After wailing on the party for several minutes, Zarthorax was hit with a freezing spell, allowing our adventurers to escape back the way they came.

Once outside, the party paused long enough to gather its wits before being set upon by the dragon, who was rather upset over being attacked and having his operations disrupted. He began chasing the party through the woods to an abandoned watch tower, only being turned back by a storm granted by Kris’s patron god ___. The Party slammed the doors to the tower shut and was greeted by peculiar moaning and decaying smells.

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